Supers Round 4 Versus De La Salle on 18th May 2014




Lost 0-3-3 to 16-24-120 Matt Dev, Juzzie, Matty Whelan, Seal, Big Al, Bretty  



We took on De La Salle who are on top of the ladder. I told the boys to hit them hard, from the outset. Well the game started and within the first 2 minutes, we knew it was going to be a hard day. They had class on every line of the field, they had kicked 4 or 5 goals to our 3 points at quarter time. We tried hard all day, guys like Bretty, Seal, Big Al, Juzzy and the 2 Fitzy’s tried hard in the back line. Mattie D was great at full back, we tried the short running game in the second quarter, but we couldn’t get it past the middle  or the forward line. Our forwards tried hard all day, we even tried Luke at centre half forward, but we could’t get through the De La wall. At half time we were 60 points down.

The whole team were giving everything.  I told the boys to go full out attack in the 3rd quarter, but with De La’s spread and run, we couldn’t do a thing. Seal provided one of the most gusty acts to put his body in front of the full forward and got absolutely crunched. To his credit he got up and kept playing. By the end of the 3rd quarter Bretty copped 8 stitches to head and the day was getting worse. Not to kick a goal all game was very disappointing, but the guys stuck it out and I gave them credit for that. By the end of the game it was a100 point loss. From a coaches point of view, a game we want to forget. Next game Hillside, season on the line must win this game

Report By Coach Disco