Supers Round 3 Versus Scotch/Sth Yarra on 4th May 2014

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Lost 6-6-36 to 10-10-70 Dasha , Aden, Seal , Disco , Fitzy , Granty , Juzzy Aden 3, Bretty 2, Big Al 1



We journeyed out to Camberwell to take on Old Scotch/Sth Yarra.  It was an old, wet,windy, cold Sunday with a big muddy middle.  With 15 minutes before game time we only had 14 players but thankfully everyone turned up by game time.  I said to the guys before the game, take them on and be confident.

We ran out and started really well again.  Big Al to Disco to Bretty and lace out to Aden and the first goal was quickly on the board.  With the two big inclusions of Pauly and Granty we were very busy in the forward line and all were doing well.  Seal and Matt on the wings were creating good run and space.  Boys in the middle were getting first use of the ball, Big Al, Dash, Granty, Disco, Pauly, Juzzy were in control.  At quarter time it was 4.1.25 to 1.2.8.

We had a great start to the second qurter but they snagged a couple of lucky goals, the boys in the backline were solid and running well with Luke, Fitzy, Scotty, Bear all doing a sensational job..  One play in the 2nd quarter Juzzy put his body on the line and was crunched heavily into the ground and hurt badly.  The gutsy effort seemed to spur us on.  A great first half against the so far undefeated Old Scotch team had us all square at half time.  I had urged the boys to really push hard and leave nothing in the tank and that's exactly what we did.

3rd quarter had started and the game was hard and fast.  Everyone from both team were getting hit hard.  Dasha going in hard was getting smashed, Bretty with his sore ribs from the game the previous week was providing options in the forward line, Aden kicked 3 for the day and could have had 6 and was presenting well all day.  Brad at CHF was also clearing space and giving options for players up the field.  Granty went into the centre and found some great form after a long layoff from footy.  At this stage our injury toll was mounting and we didn't have much of a bench left.  Pauly and Al have been great in the ruck, Juzzy showed his courage by returning to the field after his big hit and continued to play well.  The guys in the 45s were giving us a big effort playing their 2nd game for the day.  By 3 quarter time we were just 8 points down and we were well in the contest.

The start of the 4th was very tense.  We hate to focus on umpires, but we received some very questionable decisions against us.  But that's footy.  Unfortunately some were getting frustrated with the umpiring and Scotty and Big Al were sent off which didn't help particularly with no bench left.  Hopefully a lesson for us to keep quiet in the future.  In the end Old Scotch kicked a couple more goals in the last to take a hard fought victory.  I was super proud of you all, we really ran 2nd place to the end.  It was a "Gutsy Bloody" effort.

In summary, my motto is 'Get first to the ball' and the umpires will look after you.  We are travelling honestly and as coach I am very happy.  Next off we have a huge challenge against the top of the laddder undefeated De La Salle.  Another great challenge and we're READY.

Reported By Coach Disco.