Supers Round 2 Versus Chirnside on 27th April 2014





Won 12-12-84 to 5-1-31 Ryan, Dash, Aidan, Kirby, Sammy, Luke Sammy 4, Aidan 3, Devo 1, Brad 1, Dash 1, Ryan 1, Kirby 1



Our first home game was Ladies Day with a great turn out.  I also mentioned to the boys that it was Anzac Day weekend so I think that got the boys fired up and wanting to play well for their partners.  First quarter we started really well, Big Al to Ryan to Aiden and a quick goal.  By quarter time we had kicked 5 goals and running really well.  The tackling, the shepherds and all the small things working a treat.

 Second quarter, the backline led by Luke and Seal were dominating.  All the backline were fantastic all day.  Sammy was sneaking around near the goals and loving it.  Ryan controlled the middle all game ably supported by the wingers who played very well too.  At half time we had a nice buffer but we knew we couldn't stop there, we had to keep going, and we did.

The forward line had a great day, all sharing the ball around and kicking goals and high-fiving.  It was great to see everyone so positive and building confidence.  Every player did their part and it was fantastic to belt out the song to the Tiger theme.  From a coaching point of view it was a very satisfying day and looking for more.  Great team effort!Bring on Old Scotch/Sth Yarra for our next challenge.

Match Report By Disco