Seniors Round 9 Versus Brunswick on 27th July 2014





Lost 4-2-26 to 8-10-58 Brad O, Thorney, Pogzy, Motty, Dermie Mark S, Dermie, Fitzy, Damo



You’d think if you run 21km’s in the morning you could have the afternoon off! You’d reckon if you’d played a match in the over 50’s…. you could have the afternoon off! For some, if you’d already played 50’s & 45’s…. If you’re the runner… That is what we were up against on Sunday. I rolled out to the Coaches box and only then realised
Dave Stephens wasn’t actually at the ground & we didn’t actually have a Centre Half Forward. Time to change! Many thanks to Sammy, he’s now a Captain Coach! I hope you boys didn’t give him too many hassles. Ha Ha! I believe he’s never going to coach again.

There was a bit of a wind blowing & we started against it. The ground was long and wide. The teamwas depleted. We needed good defence! That’s what we got. We had our chances up forward inthe first. The on ballers worked hard & gave us forwards some chances. Pinga had a shot from a good mark, but in general we did not deliver to our forwards. Against the wind our kicking was average, a good example being Dermie. The 2nd quarter gave us the wind, but not the win. Our back line was absolutely sensational. Led by Eddie, Nicko & Mark Strange, the backs continually repelled Brunswick. I loved Ashtray & Rowdy’s games too. Our only problem again was our decision making & delivery. The ball went to the wingor to half forward & we would kick to the opposition’s advantage.

The 3rd quarter saw Motty, Tony Thorne, Brad & Pogsy running hard. They gave us chances up forward & eventually a low pass from Tony hit me on the chest. Tony is obviously studying umpiring because as soon as the Brunswick player ran through my mark, he made sure the 30m was paid.  20m out directly in front is my distance. We had our first goal! Three quarter time we spoke about just how good the back line had been all day. Sammy said it was time for the forwards. I think we set up better across the centre & the 50m line, because the mids were able to create a lot of opportunities for the forwards. Ange’s run was great around half forward, Magoo reckons his delivery was not quite as good, but the kicks did lead to goal to Fitzy. Big Stretch, who had been in everything, took a mark from an opposition clearing kick and went back with confidence. Now I’ve been telling him to have confidence & do stuff he hasn’t done in his open footy days, but…. A torpedo goal from 50m’s??? No he didn’t kick it, it fell into the safe hands of Mark Strange for a goal. Damo… was he trying a torpedo too?? Nobody knows! The ball sat on the wind and spun every which way. It could have been possessed, but actually it was blessed! GOAL!! Sammy had asked for 4 goals in the last. Magoo had a chance, but with his hammy hanging off the bone for a second week, it just drifted left. 3 Goals 1 for the quarter didn’t win the match, but it left us feeling good after “A Hard Days Night”

A few beers were cracked & a good chat with the opposition boys had. The atmosphere in the rooms afterwards was great. That’s why we play footy boys! Next week let’s put together the full quarter package & feel even better by beating the top side.

Report By Coach Dermie