Seniors Round 7 Versus Scotch/Sth Yarra on 29th June 2014





Won 6-4-40 to 3-5-23 TBA Scotty 2, Biigest Dave, Pinga, Vince, Sammy



I’m told that as I enjoyed a steaming hot shower, after a great 50’s win, Sth Yarra mugged us. They only kicked 3 goals for the day, but 2 in the first 5 minutes. It sounds to me like we didn’t turn on & concentrate on the game in our warm ups. I hope that is not the case against Brunswick this Sunday! The weather wasn’t good, but that’s winter boys…. It’s also what football is all about, performing when the chips are down. I’m glad to say, that’s what we did! Neil was out, a big hole in the team, with a shoulder injury. 2 goals down in our low scoring footy, on a huge ground, is not an easy feat to master. When we started to play footy, late in the first quarter, we could sense we were the better side. Brad Geelong took the ball in the forward pocket, had 8 bounces (so he says), dodged all but one of Sth Yarra’s team (so he says) and slotted our opening goal round his body.

The 2nd quarter saw Scotty the Seal taking the game on. People were saying “who is that man? Is it a bird, is it a plane????”. After selling the dummy, as he always loves to, Scotty slotted his first on the run. Our structure when going forward was so much better than the last time we played SY.  When SY tried to take the ball out of defence we always had our centres & on ballers ready around the 50m arc to gather any loose kicks. Sammy, Motty, Ange, Pogsy & Paigey were playing smart footy. The real pressure was on the SY backs to find a target. From one of their miss directed kicks we pumped the ball back in, finding Scotty the Seal doing a balancing act. The word from Buttsy on
the bench, foolishly shouted out, was “YOUR TOO FAR OUT SCOTTY”. Unperturbed Scotty put the kick up, a 70m BOMB??? (I believe they went out later to measure it for the TV coverage). He kicked it!

They say in football you need to know your opponents, but even more so your team mates. I believe late in the game Scotty learned to handball (baby steps). It was too late for Ange though. On the Clubrooms flank Ange ran with Scotty, creating an option. When challenged Ange was in perfect position for the handball, he was sure it was coming his way… No one else thought so! Using Ange as a diversion Scotty sold the dummy once more (Ange I think), as poor Ange popped another hammy & limped off. In our back line we began to realise we had found a new full Back. Nicko was marking and clearing everything. As I told him when he played his first game “don’t worry too much how you play, it will all come together as the season progresses” & it did! He was ably helped in the last line by Rowdy & Ashtray.

The 3rd, remembering last time we played SY, was our danger quarter. We had to set up well, so we could stop SY getting a run on. Once again the structure around the 50m arc was great, with Dave Stephens marking and banging the ball deep to the square. Pogsy, roving perfectly, picked out Vinny on the goal line for our 4
th. Dave S again came into it, just minutes later, chest marking within kicking distance and our 5th was on the board. Defence was going to crucial in the last quarter. I asked that we play it hard & tight and the team responded. There were moments when things looked like they were going to unravel. I heard Pogsy imploring to everyone (including the people at The Glen shopping Centre) to “GET ON A MAN!”.  Dave Ashtray was up to the mark though, having a mark & an important possession late in the quarter. In the end it was a great TEAM performance, beating a Team that had the wood on us last time. Sammy & Motty were great around the ground, with Pogsy the General keeping everyone in position. Nicko played a Best on Ground performance & Scotty was the spark up forward.

3 and 3 now, but lets get in the positive this week!

Reported By Coach Dermie