Seniors Round 2 Versus Bayside on 27th April 2014





Lost  7-8-50 to 8-9-57 Sammy, Eddie, McGoo, Bear, Ange, Vinnie, Mitch, Huge Dave McGoo 3, Mitch 2, Sammy 1, The Rev 1



No long drive this week, but 2 things stayed the same……. 1. it looked like Lamby wasn’t coming……
2. we started slowly! Bayside have been a very good team for a long time, and they showed us just
how good, with 2 quick goals. Behind the eight ball already, we had to get down to work.
We had 3 debutantes on the day. Congratulations to Mitch for his long awaited first game and well
done to recent draftees Nicko & Stretch. With no over 50’s game we also had to contend with 7 on
the bench and my Team Manger Scotty & Runner Butsy couldn’t make it either. Thanks to those
who helped me out.

Pogsy on the wing was getting a lot of the ball & he used it intelligently each time. Gathering a loose
Bayside kick on the wing he was able to centre up the ball to Sammy who put us deep into attack.
Bayside were missing their shots at goal, luckily, but so were we. In general we played good direct
team football, when we didn’t over use the ball. At times our personal confidence let us down, we
need to concentrate on our ball handling before we think about what we’re going to do with it. The
second quarter saw us creep back into the game, only to throw it away again in the closing minutes.
A couple of Bayside goals to start the game & a couple to end the half was going to make it hard.
I really love watching when we use the ball well. Sammy, Eddy & Motty delivered beautifully and
Magoo lead & marked well. I loved the contested ball that Damo won on the wing, often
outnumbered by the opposition. I loved how big “Stretch” listened to the talk, tapping the ball to
our advantage when on the bottom of the pack, not to mention when rucking. The play of the day
was hard to pick. Was it Mitch’s goal from the boundary, which defied Physics, bending around the
posts when he couldn’t see daylight between them? Was it Lamby out of the centre bounce,
running a wide arc, whilst Magoo got on the lead? The delivery was perfect & Magoo’s execution
straight as a dye. Or ….. was it Pogsy limping off as expected, saying “I’m done for the day”. At least
it was the nice Pogsy this week!

Our third quarter was good and our last even better. The “Rev”, now keeping Billy from Bayside
quiet, was part of the reason. Motty’s poise at half back was essential. But for a little luck & a touch
more fitness, we might have won it. Many times in the last quarter we moved the ball boldly out of
the backline and direct through the centre. Ange & Sammy were there on many occasions to go on
with the play and drive us forward. In the backline Bear played another great final quarter, taking a
strong saving mark. Frosty used his well known (?) agility to play on around the player on the mark
in the back pocket, the eventual switch was dangerous, but we managed to clear the ball. Our final
fling, when 8 points down & only minutes to play, was another quick, bold exit from the backline.
The resultant kick and hand ball over the top set Sammy free to run into goal. The kick probably
showed how much work he had done over the match. It started straight, but tiredly faded to the
right and through for a point. Who knows what may have happened had he slotted the goal?
Another great effort boys. We didn’t win, but I think we improved a heap! I can only see us getting
better in the next few games. We mustn’t rest on our laurels though, having seen the results from
the first 2 weeks, the competition looks very very even. If we can both, close sides down, & blow
then apart with our direct team play, we can be a good side. Food for thought!

Reported by: Dermie