Legends Round 4 Versus Carrum on 18th May 2014





Lost 6-5-41 to 7-8-50 Dermie, Pinga, Frosty, Sammy, Colin Frosty 2, Sammy 2, Dermie 1, Ashtray 1



The mighty Eastern Over 50s side ventured down the freeway to Alexandra Oval, Mornington on Sunday. After our previous attempts to get this team off the ground it was pleasing to see we were a curtain raiser for the over 45s so we had a few extra players to call upon. By 9.30 (really old blokes start very early) we had about 14 ready to play, including Nick from Chirnside Park (who is going to tell the others what a nice bunch we are). Carrum supplied 4 top ups –Lurch, Rocky, Jugs and Kat – and we were ready to play.

The game started at the usual over 50s pace – slow but determined. Within 3 minutes Gary had 3 kicks through the middle and out of defence. We set the tone early attacking relentlessly and providing full-forward Frosty with plenty of opportunities. Our confidence was rising with Sam providing a strong target up forward, and Tony and George keeping the backline tight.

The second quarter carried on where we left off. Dermie (didn’t he retire?) was racking up uncontested possessions and continually moving the ball inside 50. Damo (Did anyone really think Damo would turn into a footballer??) showed off his fitness by picking up kicks all over the ground, and Eddie played his usual effective midfield/forward role. During his 5 week absence Marko had turned himself into an elusive forward, continually getting out on his own on the flank. By half time were 2 goals up and the Warriors boys were feeling pleased with themselves. We were even thinking about what we would sing if we actually won!

The third quarter carried on with us dominating play and a couple more goals to Frosty. Belly took a hit on the wing and came off with his head spinning, but the rest of the boys carried on, with special mention to our ring-ins, Jugs and Kat, who provided plenty of drive. Carrum held on though by matching our 2 goals and at ¾ time we still had a 10 point buffer.

The last quarter was the usual struggle as old blokes felt their age. And to top it off 4 of our key players –including big Dave, Eddie and Sam – trotted off the ground to get ready for the over 45s. We started well but slowly faded. Carrum started to win more contested ball, and their kicks to key forwards were hitting targets. One goal to Carrum, then another and were on the ropes. Carrum nabbed a final goal on the siren and won by 7 points.

The good news is that Pants had one main instruction that we carried out well. ‘Enjoy the game and have fun’.So based on that we did OK. More importantly we managed to field a side almost full of Eastern Warriors/Lions players, plus we had our first recruit from Chirnside. If we can keep doing that then hopefully we can establish a team of 22 so we can start to gel as a team.

Reported By Colin