Legends Round 1 Versus Williamstown on 13th April 2014

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Lost 3-1-19 to 12-12-84    



April 13th 2014 marks the date the new Eastern Over 50s combined side strode out for their first game under the guidance of legendary coach Pants. There was a slight hiccup as none of the boys from the other clubs arrived for the game but that was soon solved by the generosity of Williamstown who provided 7 players to get the game started.

Pinga, Belly, Sammy, George, Col, Pants, Damo and Gary represented us in the inaugural game for this emerging team. Due to numbers the game started without wings, and on the biggest ground we’ve seen. So there was plenty of space to run into, especially for the Williamstown boys who knew each other well. The first thing we learnt about Over 50s footy was that the standard is still pretty good. As with Over 45s and 47s there were a few standout players, plus most others had decent skills (maybe lacking a bit of pace).

By half time Williamstown had taken a firm grip on the game with a 7.5.47 to 2.0.12 lead. Our boys were contributing with Sammy finding space and kicking one from 50 metres, while George was commended by the coach for his ‘best game ever’.

At half time 5 of our boys had to head off to Craigieburn so it was left to Pants, Belly, George and Col. One of these had done his hammy, so it was really three and half of us. Williamstown once again came to the party and lent us more players. Thanks again Willie.

The second half was similar to the first with the Williamstown boys playing good team footy, moving the ball quickly to a couple of big forwards. We were outplayed but we did manage another couple of goals to give our score a bit of respectability.

Overall it was a mixed debut for the new team. We lacked numbers but Williamstown came to the rescue and made the game a success. The game was played in excellent spirits, but as usual played hard, and the skills were impressive. Eastern 50s play again in two weeks so let’s hope we can get some serious numbers out there. It’s a lot of fun and much better than lawn bowls.

Reporter: Colin T